SAT Tests become top priority for High School Students

Hustling to get at least an average score on the SAT test


Yunmi Kim, reporter

For seniors, there are at most three chances during their senior year to take the SAT test, provided that they never took the SAT test during their freshmen, sophomore or junior year. Most college applications are due in late November, early December and January. Which means that seniors must take the SAT test on October, November and December. Any test taken after December is not accepted by many colleges, especially the mainland.

Senior Alexandra Kaohi has taken the SAT test once in October this year. Although she plans to go to KCC for college, she still took the SAT test in case if she ever needs it.

“I knew that there was a test in November, but I didn’t take it because of my schoolwork and needed more time to complete it, as well as the Senior Projects,” Kaohi said.

“The preparation materials that I used to study for the SAT is borrowing SAT prep books from the library and practiced answering questions online,” Kaohi said.

Senior My “Sherry” Lu, who is planning to take the upcoming test on December 6th, prepared by going on a website.

“I went to a website called March2Success, which composed of many helpful test preparation to practice my skill to improve my score,” Lu said.

SAT prep books and SAT websites are one of the ways to prepare for the SAT test. Other ways to prepare are by private tutoring, reading a book, writing a story or even playing a logic game such as Chess or Sudoku.

It may seem like it is too early to prepare for a standardized test that is only going to be taken in the late junior year or early senior year, but it is better to be ahead of the game from the others. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors should start to prepare themselves for the SAT test because getting a high score on it the first time saves a lot of time during senior year. Having to get a below average score on the first SAT test means that the student has to do another SAT test again, which also means that they will have to spend their time studying for it. That lost time could have been used to focus on things like college applications, AP classes, extracurricular activities and many other things that need to be done during the senior year in order to go to college.