Fiction wins over non-fiction among MHS students


By Mengling Wang

Junior Destinee Brown’s favorite book is Lockdown.

Karrina Johnson and Yunmi Kim

A survey was done of 712 MHS students. Eighty-two percent said they prefer fiction over nonfiction books.

As for the types of fiction, mystery earned 311 votes, romance 351 votes, thriller 194 votes, science fiction 196 votes, historical fiction 131 votes, fantasy 362 votes , horror 167 votes, and classics  120 votes

Fiction books such as Divergent and The Hunger Games have a writing style that people tend to understand more easily. It can connect with their speaking style as well as focus on things such as romance and fantasy. According to the Chicago Tribune, schools in the United States give their students more contemporary books to read than classic books because these books can relate to the students more. Classic books such as Shakespeare are written in Old English such as thou, thee, nay, etc and other English words that people in the 21st century would not use commonly.

Freshman Sharon Chen said she likes fantasy, drama, action and adventure books. These genres can put readers in the mindset of the characters in these books.

“It feels like you’re one of the characters, and sometimes you can relate to things,” Chen said.

“I like horror books because it gives you the chills and such creepiness like you’re in the book,” freshman Jasmine Kaleiohi said. She also said, “I love comedy because I love laughing.”