Addicted to a smartphone

Jaycee Paat, reporter

Brain studies show people have a chemical inside their brain giving that urge to look on the phone every time a notification keeps going off.

Those chemicals are Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin.

“Smartphones are taking over people’s lives,” freshman Shinwin Chen said.

Freshman Syhmon Lazo said he is not a smartphone addict. He said people need to “learn how to entertain yourself or put a timer on your phone to limit the usage of your phone.”

“Leave it in your bag or turn it off,” Robi Nitake said.

Even if people were to take those suggestions, the urge to touch the phone is strong. It’s almost as if the phone is a ticking time bomb to people. Every time they feel like it’s gonna go off notifying them of a message. They’ll race to it just to check and see.