The borrowers

Things you bring to do well in and out of school

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

A backpack holds a student’s most important items to do their best in school. Art by Anela Chavez.

The borrowers. You all know who they are. Those kids that always need to “borrow” a pencil, money, pens, etc. I’m sure you’ve all been there, and being the kindhearted ladies and gentlemen you are, you let them borrow whatever they need with no questions asked.

Usually, you won’t be getting those things back. For those of you who always need to ask for things from others, whether you forgot to bring that pencil for your test or bus fare for your ride home, this article is for you.

Here is a list of things that students bring to school every day so you can be prepared during and after school (and cut those you always borrow from some slack).

1. School Supplies

(Pen, pencil, paper, etc.)

The obvious choice so you can do well in school. Without these it would be pretty hard to pass your classes. Sophomore Jordan Kanakanui said, “I have to bring my school supplies so I can do my work for school. If I don’t bring it I fail my classes.”

2. Wallet

Freshman Alyssa Kondo said, “I bring my wallet to school every day because I never know when I need to pay for a bus ride or if I decide to buy something after school like a drink.” A wallet is a great organizational accessory to carry important things like your cash, ID, etc.

3. Needle

Senior Dianne Gabrillo said she has kept a sewing needle in her wallet ever since middle school. “I still keep it because it’s useful like when I had to fix a flute, or that other time when I got something stuck and only a needle could nudge it out. I’ve used it several times and it’s helped a lot.” Although this isn’t something everyone may think of bringing, it’s a good idea. It’s always good to be prepared because you never know what’s going to happen.

Some of you already bring these things to school daily, like school supplies and your wallet, but for those of you who don’t maybe you should try. You never know what could come in handy at school and the more prepared you are the better.