Pila begins new chapter

Meet David Pila, a new vice principal at the school.

Mr. Pila is the new vice-principal of McKinley High School.

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David Pila joined McKinley High School’s ohana as a vice-principal in August to begin a new chapter in his career. He had experiences from working with other schools before he came to McKinley.

Principal Ron Okamura said Pila comes with a wealth of experience from working on a district level.

“Mr. Pila’s a very nice man, a very smart man, and an easy guy to talk to. If you have problems or concerns, he’s the guy to see.” Okamura said. “I look forward to him helping folks [and] helping the school.”

Pila likes that he is being able to expand his social circle and meet people from different walks of life in his position. On the other hand, he wants to avoid punishing students with bad behavior.

“[My] favorite part is interacting with the students and faculty and just getting to learn and to know new people,” he said. “Disciplining students and having to deal with adult situations [is my least favorite].”

Pila enjoys learning more about the school’s history and traditions.

“I like the students. I also like the traditions that McKinley has,” he said. “Just walking through building A and seeing all of the Hall of Honors/Fame of McKinley graduates. It shows a lot of pride and tradition. The Lighting of the M, the crossing of the oval, all of these different things. There’s so much tradition at McKinley High School and I enjoy learning about that.”

Pila said he also enjoys working with young adults.

“I really like working with young adults. They are very creative [and] very innovative,” he said. “By doing that, I stay young. I enjoy conversing with these young adults and wanting to see the best for them in their future.”

Pila said he wants to preserve safety and tradition in the school.

“Just wanting it to be a safe place for all students,” he said. “Helping keep the tradition and pride here continuing at McKinley High School.”

Pila said he sees good things in the school’s future.

“The dedication that teachers have and looking at how we can truly provide our students the best education they can get,” he said. “By providing that extra support, extra help after school, before school; being innovative in the type of teaching that they do for our students.”

Pila said he looked forward to supporting the seniors on their Luau day in October. He also wants to understand more about the traditions of the school.

“I’m excited to go to the Senior Luau … I’ve enjoyed seeing the football games, going to athletic events,” he said. “This is a new chapter in my career and I’d like to experience different things here at McKinley High School.”

During Pila’s free time, he said he enjoys spending time with his family.

“I also want to spend time with my own family to make sure they are doing well,” he said. “Spending time with them is very important.”

Pila said his parents had inspired him to help others.

“My mother was a big influence on me wanting to help students, help children,” he said. “Her as well as my father managed a club called Kalakaua AC. It was very important for me to give back to help students.”

Pila has a daughter and he supports her whenever she performed in plays as a ballet dancer.

“I enjoy [watching] live performances,” he said. “My daughter is a ballet dancer, so I’ve gone to many of the plays she’s in.”

Pila said his daughter is now in college and is performing in a production.

“She’s now going to minor in dance up in college,” he said. “She is in the Nutcracker [play] in Omaha, a production by Creighton University.”

Pila said he wants to be healthy and try a variety of culinary arts from different cultures.

“I also like to work out/exercise [and] I like to try different foods,” he said. “I played football, basketball, and baseball all my life. Being active and working out is something I like to do.”

Pila said what his favorite food was and where he likes to eat.

“[My] favorite food is Italian,” he said. “[I like to eat at] Paesano Ristorante.”

Pila also said he wants to travel worldwide as it’s something that he really wants to do.

“My ultimate [hobby] would be to travel, I would like to go on more trips. Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do,” he said. “Looking at different shows and documentaries on different places, [I] really want to experience it myself.”

Pila said he wants to travel to Asia, such as Okinawa, Japan, and China. He said he has never been to a foreign country.

“I’ve been to different parts of the mainland but never to an international country,” he said. “I’d also like to go to Europe if possible after the Asian Pacific area.”

Pila said he’s grateful towards McKinley and hopes to make the school a better place.

“I’m grateful and happy to be here as the vice-principal of McKinley High School,” he said. “I’d like to support all the students and staff here and make this a place that is great to be at as a student or staff member.”