Baja remembers costume contest

Nyler Acasio, head reporter

During your time here in McKinley High School, you will find your “moment,” or something you will remember as the most memorable thing you have done. You might even collect memories for every school year. Meet sophomore Hoku Baja. He’s on his way to collecting lots of high school memories.

Baja loves clothes and fashion and loves to find creative ways to dress but at school he keeps it simple.

“I find shorts, a shirt, and a hoodie depending on the weather,” he said.

You may be ask

ing what does this have to do with moments? Well, Baja likes to make people laugh, primarily at him, and the way he likes to express himself is through his clothing. 

During Baja’s freshman year, he attended his Ignition group’s Halloween fuel session and it was the annual dress-up competition. One member in each group was the model, and the other team members had to dress them up. The judges then chose who had the best costume. 

Baja, being the outgoing person he is, volunteered to be the model, mainly after he was “encouraged” to volunteer. He decided to have fun and suggested his team dress him in a skirt. As his teammates were trying to wrap a skirt made of paper around him, head turns from other groups, he said. 

“We [group members] couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous that outfit was,” said Baja.

Then it was time for the fashion show and  Baja took the stage.

“I posed like a girl and people couldn’t stop laughing,” he said.

The judges liked it too and Baja was announced the winner of the contest! He was stunned at first and claimed the award with grace and laughs all around the auditorium. 

“Everywhere I looked, people were looking at me, mainly giggling, which made me giggle on how bizarre this whole contest outcome was,” he said.

The bell rang and it was recess time. Baja kept his costume on the rest of the day to show others.

“And you know, I kept that costume on till I got home,” he said.

Everyone is going to have their moment in high school whether it be something funny or something really memorable. Make your high school years fun and enjoyable Tigers!