Music teacher compares expectations to reality


Music teacher Natasha Taketa-Kim said we all need to get into the same boat, work together, and continue this school year and learn together with one another.

Justin Nguyen, reporter

This year, McKinley High School started school differently from previous years, beginning virtually and one week later due to Covid-19. Online learning came with many expectations for students and teachers, some different, and some similar to what actually happened.

Music teacher Natasha Taketa-Kim said her expectations of being a teacher haven’t changed.

“We need to be able to deliver in our classrooms to give the content always for the student and making sure everyone gets what they need,” she said.

Taketa-Kim also said her expectations on technology hasn’t changed. Taketa-Kim said she expected that not all teachers would be decent computer users and this was not far from reality. She said students are having trouble with virtual learning as well and have difficulties with Google Classroom, Loom, and emailing.

“Most people would say that students are really great [at] using the computers because you folks have it all the time,” she said. “Unfortunately, we’re finding out as we go through that students are still having difficulties.” 

Taketa-Kim said this type of online learning isn’t easy.

“It makes things a little bit difficult because not everybody is necessarily computer savvy,” she said.

Despite the new system of learning, Taketa-Kim said collaboration is still an expectation, even during a pandemic.

“We all do need to get into the same boat, we all need to work together, and we all need to be able to continue this school year and learn together with one another,” she said.