Cardone Hopes To Captivate Students


By Jer

Jerome Linear, Assistant Editor - Digital and Copy

Cecilia Cardone, McKinley High School’s new Spanish teacher, is originally from Argentina. She decided to move to Kauai where she taught Spanish at Kauai Middle School for some time before coming to McKinley. She is enjoying it so far and is looking forward to teaching Spanish.
Cardone became a teacher because she always liked to teach. She also likes the way her schedule is set up as a teacher, allowing her to travel during the summers. Even with the extra stress of being a teacher during a pandemic, she still loves teaching.
“With this Covid pandemic, working as a teacher became way harder,” she said.
Cardone likes going to the beach and the outdoors. She also likes playing sports and hanging out with friends. She also loves animals and playing with her dog.
“I wish I could bring my dog to work. I think everybody should bring their dogs to work,” she said.
Cardone’s main goal for her students is to be able to have a conversation in Spanish. She also hopes they are able to write letters and meet people from other countries.
“I hope my students will be able to use the language I taught them all over the world,” she said.
Moving to Hawaii was a memorable experience for Cardone, and a life changing decision. Cardone grew up speaking Spanish in Argentina. Loving to travel and being outgoing, she decided to move to Hawaii.
“I think it’s always a good experience to leave at least once in your life, and to live outside where you’re originally from,” she said.