By Ganesa Souza

Brian Govier assists Junior Lyu Wei Chen with Pangaea worksheet in Marine Science class.

Ganesa Kaira-Souza

Brian Govier is combining his passion for teaching and science as he starts a new chapter in Hawaii as a science teacher.

Coming to McKinley High School, Govier worked at many interesting jobs, in many interesting places.

Govier picked peppers in Australia as a farm worker. It was difficult but he met a lot of people in the field.

Although he said that this sort of job did not really suit him, he still tried his best in this field of work.

“It was really hard, bending over all day, picking peppers in the hot sun,” Govier said. “I met some cool people. It was kind of a nice experience but the work was hard.”

Govier tries to go out often to learn and discover new things.

“I try to go outside to hike, or be in the water, mostly surfing,” Govier said.

He considers himself a beginner in surfing, but he still enjoys the sport.

One of Govier’s defining experiences was his first job as a physics teacher at a college in New York. It was a scary experience but it was one of the most memorable experiences he had.

“They put me in charge of like 100 kids, and I still felt like I was a kid myself,” Govier said. One thing he hopes to do for his students is to have them appreciate the water and where they live.

“I want to give them an appreciation for the fact that we live on an island in the North Pacific,” Govier said. “Try to get them in the water, too.”