Insights On The Student Council


By Sean Willem A. Giron

This year’s student council at Club Day. From left, Leila Gonzales, Valerie Dao, Michel Libokmeto, Reece Lapas, Jese Reeves, Madison Rubio, Deseree Augstin.

Juliana Rodden, reporter

Student council members are one of the many faces of McKinley High School and with representing the school comes a lot of hard work and struggle. Being in the student council is not just assemblies and meetings. There is actually a lot more behind it.
Treasurer Jese Reeves, Recording Secretary Madison Rubio, Corresponding Secretary Michel Libokmeto, 1st VP Reece Lapas, 2nd VP Leila Gonzales, and President Deseree Agustin are here to fill in the blanks and give more information on what the student council does.
The student council members weren’t always the student council members; they were once regular students like everyone else, but something pushed them to run in the election.
For Gonzales and Libokmeto, that “something” was April Nakamura.
“I was hesitant at first since the student council seemed like a lot of work, and I wasn’t sure if I was prepared for that, but after a couple weeks of thinking it through I decided to run for VP,” Gonzales said.
Libokmeto’s reasoning was similar to Gonzales’s.
“It took at least two weeks for me to decide to run after thinking through all of the responsibilities I would have to hold,” Libokmeto said.
Many students may wonder what the student council does. Deseree Agustin was willing to answer this question for the students.
“The student council plans school-wide activities, inspires and involves students to participate in activities. Being in the student council makes you a leader of the students and it will be your job to lead everyone in the right direction,” Agustin said.
Augustin said the student council helps plan school-wide activities and this makes everyone wonder what the student council has planned for quarter 2.
It turns out that the Council actually has a lot planned for quarter 2.
“For Halloween, a costume contest will most likely happen. Christmas Village will happen for its 2nd year and we plan on making it better than last year,” Lapas said.
One day, new student council students will have to carry on these traditions and Reeves has some advice on how to be a great member of the student council.
“When being in the student council, no matter what role you have you need to always be on top of your work. Try not to fall behind and remember to practice the assemblies and get to know each other. The student council is a great opportunity for everyone,” Reeves said.
The student council for sure can be stressful at times but it is an important role and not just anyone can fulfill that role.
“Student council will have its struggles but you always have to pick yourself up. Always present yourself as a great role model as you are the face of the students and you must represent our school with pride,” Agustin said.