Dance Club hopes to inspire anyone and everyone


By Christian Caoili

Dance club members dancing during a Halloween community dinner.

Sean Willem A. Giron, reporter

The way the Dance Club promotes dancing to others is through performances. Three days during November the Dance Club did performances for different middle schools. Len Nguyen, a Senior in the Dance Club, says it definitely brought him back to what it was like to watch high school students perform when he was a middle school student. He says it was like some sort of ripple effect of inspiring middle school students that would create a cycle of inspiring the future generations.  He says dancing is to freely be whoever you are, to be in touch with a deeper part of yourself. He says dancing is always about expressing. 

“They should allow their heart to be open to trying out new things and step out of their comfort zones,” Nguyen said.

Francis Vilar, the Dance Club adviser, said these performances are to attract future generations to come to McKinley. He also says this is to help the middle school students feel welcomed and not to be worried going into their high school years. He says he wants middle school students to reach out to teachers to be more comfortable in their first year.  Francis Vilar said they also accept other high school students. Saying that students from other high schools often come by to participate with the Dance Club, not only excluding the performances to just McKinley students.

“We welcome all high school students, not just in McKinley,” Vilar said. 

 Emma Belatti, the Dance Club President, says the Dance Club wanted to also show what McKinley has to offer through these performances. She says that dancing is a great way to get your body moving and clear your mind of any worries you may have. She said that they wanted to inspire people to seek dancing as a hobby, no matter what skill level or style they have.  

“We accept everyone of all skill levels,” Belatti said.