Councils show true dedication

Amanda Muramoto, editor

What do you get when you gather a bunch of hardworking tigers all eager to make a difference? Grade Level Councils!

According to Student Activities Coordinator April Nakamura, council members are “responsible, motivated, and able to work well with others.”

With the possession of these traits, the council members are sure to make many enjoyable activities for McKinley. This year, the councils introduced class level points, where students can show tiger pride at events and earn points for their respective class levels. Also, the Penny Wars is something new they will introduce later this year. In order to make these activities work, the council members recently took the long ride to Camp Erdman to build teamwork and leadership skills. During the three-day stay, they were able to revisit their goals from last year and brainstorm new ideas that could make a difference this year.

Nakamura said, “They learned what kind of leaders they are and what kind of leaders were in their group.”

Even though the stay was short, their bonds grew stronger.

Executive President Stacie Tamaru (12) felt that going to camp had a positive impact.

“We left in councils and returned like a family.”

Tamaru said council work continues outside of school.

Being on a council is “time consuming but fun,” she said.