Lose your blues with Binder Blues

Amanda Muramoto, editor

This year marks the third year of Binder Blues, the Japanese Club’s school service project. Binder Blues was created to help students have a more organized binder and leading to increased student achievement.

Japanese Club adviser, Sandra Oda, said a disorganized binder can hurt a student’s grades. Having an organized binder makes it easier to find your work and study.

The first session of Binder Blues for this school year was held on Monday, Sept. 20.

A junior who came in said it helped him “become more organized and keep track of my work for each class.”

Club members are available after school on Mon. in E206. The money for the supplies comes from Japanese Club fundraising and a 2009 Good Idea Grant. Oda said Japanese Club volunteers are present to “help students help themselves” organize their binders.

“If a student is disorganized and lacks supplies, Binder Blues seeks to help him/her,” she said. F

or this school year, the club plans to add a new strategy- take Binder Blues to study halls on campus “instead of them coming to us,” said Kat Duran (12), this year’s chairperson of Binder Blues.

Athletics and Special Education are two groups with organized study halls. The Japanese Club will offer to take their services to the students who attend these study halls.

Oda said students who come for help should not think that coming once will solve their disorganization. She encourages students to return when their binders start to get disorganized again.