Students test their creations at the Engineering Expo

Amanda Muramoto, editor

Students were able to become temporary engineers in the four-day long Mechanical Engineering Association’s engineering expo. They represented a variety of classes, from industrial technology to chemistry. There were four categories, the Mouse Trap Racer Competition, the Egg Drop Challenge, the Rube Goldberg Machine, and the Bottle Water Rocket Challenge, one event held daily and at a different area on campus. Each category had a first, second, and third place, as well as a best-in-show. It was mandatory to build your own invention to whatever category of the expo you were in. McKinley High School students put a lot of their effort and hard work into the engineering expo. In the Egg Drop competition, students had to protect their egg from cracking when dropped from the library balcony. Team four came in first place, which were freshmen Marissa Minami, Dayton Lee, and Carly Cantiberos, from Jon Furukawa’€™s Industrial Technology class. For the Rube Goldberg contest, students created their own maze, where one thing led to another. One project had a marble roll down the pipe, then hit another marble that would turn on the light. With the Engineering expo at an end, McKinley High School students were able to become engineers for a day and have fun constructing their own creations.