Magazine holds memories

Peiru Lu, reporter

The literary magazine is a collection of literary and art work of MHS students’ memories. The magazines have been a traditional gift for the graduating seniors to remember their high school life.

This year’s Literary Magazine is “La Diversite,” which means “the diversity” in French. There are five sections and they are: Dedication, Poems, Current Event, Cultural Essay, and Short Story. This year’s Literature Magazine includes about 30 items and will be distributed to seniors this week.

Ridge Hayashi said, “It’s important so that we can show that students in MHS have talents in writing.”

Barbara Abrew takes her work as literary magazine adviser seriously.

She said, “I don’t see it’s fun (of doing the literary magazine). I see it’s important, and it’s helping students to appreciate their works. So you see, other students achieve in sports and the magazine heralds achievements in writing and the arts.”

Caitlyn Lee (11), said, “It’s a good way for students to share their work with others.”

She thought it was fun to get to see what others wrote about. In 2005, three of Abrew’s junior students edited the magazine by themselves. Later, one of their parents took the magazines to make copies and presented to the graduating seniors. The next year (2006), Abrew asked the publisher on campus, Reprographics, to do the printing for them and they did it for free.

MHS students are welcome to get published in next year’s magazine. Just see Abrew in W224.

You don’t want to miss this chance to share your thoughts.