Hawaii Five-0 visits McKinley High

Kelsey David, reporter

On December 1st, the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 came to McKinley to film Episode 213, Ka Ho’oponopono.

The excitement was evident in the air as the cameras rolled. Many students observed from afar as actors Scott Caan and Lauren German acted through the halls of MHS.

The Pinion’s staff got the opportunity to shadow the production process. They traveled from tent to tent, learning about what bits and pieces made an average episode of Hawaii Five-0. They also figured out early in the tour that it was vital to be at their absolute quietest. The “boom” mics picked up everything and anything — especially helicopters and airplanes — so the slightest sound stopped the filming process at the moment. No pictures were allowed to be taken when there was no filming either, so while the actors rested, the staff gobbled up all the information that publicist Erika Kauffman shared with them They learned that each episode are multimillion dollar productions. Also, everyday of production equals to about 5-7 minutes of air time on TV. Now, it’s a given that everyone that’s part of the production process is important, that the crew is just as important as the cast. But seeing it for themselves was really an exciting experience to undergo. The crew moved quickly and everyone knew what they were doing. Everyone had a purpose and they didn’t stop until they finished their tasks. The staff hovered over several tents as they explained the dynamics of their duties. For example, the wardrobe department has to buy several of the same outfits in case any of them need to be “bloodied up” or if the actor wearing the outfit accidentally spills coffee on it. Also, there are around 40 extras for each episode, and that they have to blend in or else they’d distract the viewer from the main characters. The staff also had a chance to speak with Scott Caan and Lauren German.

“It reminds me of my high school days,” said German, on her seeing MHS.

Caan mentioned that he had “a lot of fun in high school.”

When we asked her for any advice for those who wish to get into show business, she stated “Just work hard, and don’t give up. It’s really the only way. Be sure to stay in school, though!”

The episode is set to air on December 19. In this episode, the editor of the school newspaper, The Weekly Moana, is up to no good, and Caan and German’s characters visit the school to question students. You can watch Episode 213, Ka Ho’oponopono, of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.