Jazz quartet plays at McKinley

Kelsey David, reporter

There was a lot of foot tapping and finger snapping in the auditorium on Tuesday, January 10, when the Cypress Park Jazz Quartet performed a short modern jazz concert for some students of McKinley High School. The Louisiana band consisted of guitarist Daniel Sumner, bassist Bach Norwood, drummer Larry Anderson, and Alex Noppe on the trumpet. They played a few original songs, such as the tropical and upbeat “Azure and Sand”€ and also the funky “€œSwamp Swagger”€. McKinley students Chris Kaukali, Jasmine Lee Chun Fat, Cla Huang and guitar teacher Michael Lucich also had a chance to perform with the band. The band performance helped introduce jazz to some of the students of MHS. With a school that focuses mostly on mainstream pop-culture, hearing a different genre of music opened a new alternative to those who attended the concert. Both audience and band had a great time, and it was surely a privilege hearing them play.