McKinley students partake 2012 POW WOW exhibition

Kelsey David, reporter

From February 13-17, over thirty artists from around the world painted the streets of Kaka’ako in an event known as POW WOW Hawaii. The event started out with the artists at Fresh Cafe/Loft In Space for a proper Hawaiian blessing ceremony. Once it was over, they were let loose to create their art to enrich a local, creative scene. During POW WOW, the community is encouraged to interact with the visiting artists, especially since it is such a creative environment. A few students from McKinley attended the major art event and even got to add a bit of their own work into the murals. Each of the participants was given a two by two foot tile canvas that allowed them to do as they pleased. “Not all of the artists were from here, so they tried to incorporate Hawaii into their art,” said Chevis Garcia (12). “They spray-painted words like ‘pono’€™ and ‘€˜aloha’€™ in their work. Most of the murals had meaning.”