This year’s Literary Magazine Forza della Tigre

Sandy Bach (12)

Esprimere te stesso–Italian for “express yourself,” is this year’s Literary Magazine title and theme.

Your dose of short stories, amazing photography, breathtaking artwork, advice columns, fashion know-how, and even literary lessons has arrived. Distribution through language arts classes started on Friday, April 27. If you missed a copy, pick one up from Barbara Abrew in W224. The Literary Magazine staff worked their best to present the most intriguing and extensive magazine yet.

“I learned to honor due dates and work with people better,” said Jenny Liang (11).

The magazine basically ran on deadlines. If you don’t get your work in on time, then that’s it. You’re done. It really taught the staff not to procrastinate, something most teenagers struggle with.

Devin Lee (11) said students have much to look forward to next year.

“The magazine is going to cover more topics such as real life events, cultural experiences, sports and much more.”

There is already talk of encouraging other schools to revive this dying art and even hold a competition here, at McKinley, where other literary magazines may compete for top writing, art, photography, and layout/design awards.

Looking for a challenge? Want experience working on a magazine? Lifelong memories? A chance to express yourself? Desire to learn to write, critique, edit, develop an eye for art and photography appeal? If you are, look no more. MHS Literary Magazine is the place for you.

Senior Ridge Hayashi said, “Initially, I was a more reserved individual and didn’t like to express my feelings and emotions; however, through poetry, writing, and photography, I slowly came out of my shell. Now, communication has become something more natural to me and I feel more comfortable sharing my stories and feelings with others.”

While developing this year’s magazine, the staff faced struggles, which were all overcome together. Using only their own computers, programs, resourcefulness, and with no funding, the magazine, amazingly, came to be. At times, the staff was overwhelmed, but the hard work paid off. This year’s edition is the product everyone on the staff is proud of and know readers will see the work put into this. Graduating class of 2012, this one’s for you!