Freshman Orientation: A Whole New World


By Vivien Chen

Sophomores wait their turn to teach the Black and Gold fight song.

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

It was a sunny day with pleasant cloud cover on August 5, 2013. A perfect day for Freshman Orientation. Many new bright and aspiring freshmen were introduced to, Mckinley High School. The day kicked off in the gymnasium.. With introduction of school staff members, music by the band, and of course meeting their ignition mentors.

Once everyone was matched up, freshmen and mentors left the gymnasium for various activities. On the front lawn, lots of fun was had by freshmen, mentors and staff members with many team and trust building activities.

Though this day is dedicated for the new freshmen, for some teachers, today was their first taste of what McKinley had to offer. I asked a couple of them what they thought of this event and their comments were one hundred percent positive. They all said that this day was a good way for new students to get acquainted to the new environment and maybe even make new friends.

A first-time mentor too shared his experience helping out the freshmens. He told me that the whole event was a lot of fun, everything from the gym to the front lawn.

To all the freshmen and first-year teachers out there, good luck and have fun in the new school year.