Anchorman 2 Review

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Ron Burgundy is back with the news team in AnchorMan 2, which had to be the most anticipated sequel to a comedy up to date. In my opinion, the highlight of this movie had to be the fact that the movie acts as a sort of commentary on where news has gone. In the movie they made fun of a lot of things that news reporting has developed into. It also would not have been an Anchorman movie without all the ridiculousness and wackiness.
There are a lot of cameos in comedies and Anchorman 2 does not disappoint. When you see one cameo you would expect that it would not get any better but the movie will then introduce an even better cameo. It continues cameo after cameo after cameo and it will make you jump from your seat.
There are old and new jokes but they do not all work out. However, there are many other jokes that are absolutely hilarious. The actors have an amazing chemistry with their characters. It makes everything so high-quality. That high quality has become our laughter and entertainment.
If you are going to go see this movie for a clear-cut story or something that makes sense, you are going to be very dissapointed. However, if you are going to laugh like there is no tomorrow, this movie is hysterical in many ways.