Stephen Tsai gives great journalistic advice during visit

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Journalism writing can be challenging. Michael Tsai the Newswriting once again visits to give great advice to up and coming journalists. This time Tsai is accompanied by his brother Stephen Tsai, a sports reporter/ blogger for the Star Advertiser.

Blogging is something new for news organizations.

Stephen said “With blogging you can have more of an opinion.”

He said blogging helps to bridge the gap between Stephen Tsai, the reporter, and Stephen Tsai, the person. It also helps the community connect with the organization as a whole. Stephen also warned the teenagers in the class that when using social media to “watch what you say, ’cause you can’t take it back.”

Besides blogging and twitter, Stephen also gave great advice for anyone who wants to be a journalist. When it comes to writing, Stephen suggests to “put more color and personality” into writing and give it something that TV cannot.

Stephen also said, “You’re writing for the readers and not for yourself.”

If you have been thinking of having journalism as a career but are not sure if they are any jobs open, Stephen Tsai said that “the numbers may be frightening but there are a lot of journalism jobs out there,” and to not be “scared of what the future will be.”

Finally, to remove any more doubts that you may have, Stephen said, “don’t be worried about who’s reading, just write, go for it.”