Senior Projects nearing completion

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

As third quarter begins, seniors Bonnie Pang and Mark Buenafe finish up their senior projects and prepare for the presentations on February 10, 11 and 12. According to counselor Lisa Panquites, seniors pursuing the Senior Project should be preparing their portfolio to submit for review by the judges and putting everything together. Portfolios include forms they have completed, their research paper and log for the fieldwork they have done.

Pang’s topic for her Senior Project focuses on space exploration. She was inspired by her eighth grade teacher who made the subject interesting to her.

Pang’s fieldwork has been “interesting and I got to go where UH where they made satellites.”

Fitting the work for her Senior Project into her schedule and finding a mentor was the most stressful part for Pang since the topic she chose was so specific. However, the most fun part was seeing new things like the facility at UH Manoa where they make satellites and going to different parts of the island she had never been to before like Kailua.

Buenafe’s topic for his Senior Project focuses on graphic design and looking into the business side of the creative industry.

“I’m really interested in graphic design and being able to communicate ideas through visual art,” Buenafe said.

Despite having trouble “putting everything into a cohesive portfolio,” his fieldwork has been “really exciting, and I really like working with people who share the same interest as me.”