Senior agreement, necessary or insignificant?

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

For the students of class 2015, senior year brings many things to the table. One of the many things seniors have to worry about is what’s called senior agreement. For underclassmen, senior agreement is given to seniors in February and basically states that if you want to participate in commencement and commencement activities, you must follow the rules stated in the agreement. Commencement is when the seniors of McKinley high school ceremoniously say goodbye to the school, give them a chance to say goodbye to friends, and receive their diploma. The rules in the senior agreement include not being late for class, not skipping class, not getting into any trouble inside or outside of school, and much more.

With MHS being a public school, it follows the rules the DOE sets. Senior agreement is a creation of the DOE and not MHS specifically, which means that all public schools have senior agreement. Some seniors don’t agree with senior agreement and aren’t clear of what the purpose is. For those looking for enlightenment Ms. Naks states that “It ensures that seniors know everything they have to know to graduate and set them up for a successful ending. It reminds them (seniors) of all that needs to be done since their in the last of stretch of the year.” Counselor Lisa Saito too shares the same thought, “It’s a good reminder for what they need to get done to fill their requirements to graduate.”  However, Saito would go on to express her opinion on the timing in which the senior agreement is given to seniors. Recall, that the senior agreement is given to seniors in February during third quarter. “Maybe it can be done at the beginning of the school year,” Saito said. With the senior agreement being given at the beginning of school year instead of during third quarter, Saito believes that the seniors would’ve displayed suitable behavior befitting a senior sooner rather than later. Senior Joe Miao express that “Senior agreement teaches us seniors responsibility.” For the seniors who know responsibility, senior agreement shouldn’t be a problem for them. However, for the seniors who don’t, senior agreement gives them a chance to shape up for the finish line.