McKinley students caught with a case of Project Grad fever

Project Grad promises clean and safe time for seniors


Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

It is late, you are getting ready for bed after a long day when suddenly… a trolley filled with high school graduates screaming, blowing horns, waving signs and having a great time, passes your house.

They are a part of Project Grad,  a program organized by many high schools in the U.S. that gives graduates an outlet to party and celebrate their accomplishment, while steering them away from parties involving alcohol and drugs.

Project Grad also provides transportation for participants, which helps keep graduates safe from car-related deaths or injuries that could be associated with driving under the influence. It usually runs all through the night after graduation ceremonies, which explains the trolley full of excited graduates. Also, those participating in Project Grad usually do not know what they will be doing, which adds an element of mystery and adventure.

McKinley’s graduating class loves Project Grad. Registration was closed off because the maximum amount was achieved.

“I’m not surprised the maximum amount was achieved. I know I asked my friends to do Project Grad with me and I’m sure they asked their friends to do Project Grad with them,” senior Raymond Ma said.

“Why wouldn’t I do it? It’s another chance to have fun with the boys. I think it’s good to cruise and party with the boys instead of just playing games online like we usually do. It’s better than sitting in front of a computer all night,” senior Carlos Chen said.

“I can’t wait to have fun and spend time with my bae and all my other friends,” senior Erika Huang said.

“I like how like there’s no drugs or alcohol involved and that everyone can stay safe because people don’t have to get wasted or high to make lasting memories,”  senior Malia Blanch said.

In the end, if you are looking to make more memories that will last a lifetime with your classmates in a clean and safe environment, Project Grad is the place to be.