Tigers kick off another year with spirit

Pinion Staff, reporters

McKinley High School held its annual Welcome Back Assembly on Aug. 11.

Principal Ron Okamura opened the assembly as usual with a speech for the entire student body and another for the senior class. Then, the band and Color Guard members Michael Bice, Desselyn Pagdilao, Tiffany Huynh and Keysha Liwag led the national anthem and Hawaii Pono’i.

A fashion show advertised Tiger Locker. It featured students wearing merchandise like hats, shirts, jackets and more that are available for purchase in A001.

By Kanani Orta
Students and teachers compete for class level points. seniors and juniors were the last ones standing.

“I loved how the people who were in the fashion show were really into it and had fun,” freshman Kylie Corea said.

Students were also able to witness seniors Anthony Williams and Nam Nguyen perform for the drill team with rifles.

“When the JROTC guys came out and started flipping and tossing the guns in the air, it looked really cool,” freshmen Joshua Alfers said.

By Kanani Orta
Anthony Williams and Nam Nguyen put on an impressive rifle show during the Welcome Back Assembly.

“Their performance was lit.”

Other students were not as entertained with the events that took place at the assembly.

“Although this year’s assembly had a lot of spirit, it wasn’t that fun to watch,” sophomore Keoni Martin said.

Senior Yashu Lanki spoke about his younger brother Ephraim Lanki, who is  receiving treatment on the mainland for brain cancer. Lanki spoke of a letter his brother wrote to him about how much he appreciates the support he has received from MHS and how much he misses learning in a classroom. Student activities coordinator April Nakamura gave a speech to the student body about how grateful they should be for the opportunities they receive at school.

The assembly featured a class level competition that  included teachers. The 25 competitors played musical chairs. Each participant had to hold a balloon over their heads. Freshmen had green, sophomores yellow, juniors purple, seniors pink and teachers blue. Teachers won third, seniors second and juniors took first place.

By Kanani Orta
Senior Shaye Witkus and junior Kaitlynne Kitaura were the last two competetors left.

“This year’s assembly was a lot of fun. It was lit,” sophomore Narayana Schneider said.

The assembly closed with the singing of the MHS fight song and alma mater, led by the band, another MHS Tigers tradition.