McKinley band and orchestra celebrates holiday with Winter Concert

An Vo

The McKinley band and orchestra performed Christmas music in M.M. Scott Auditorium on the school’s campus which started at 6:30 p.m. on the Saturday of Dec. 14 to celebrate the holiday. The band and orchestra rehearsed from October.

Rona Duldulao is a sophomore flutist said she wanted to exceed the audience’s expectations.

“I felt really nervous for the Winter Concert since it was my first time performing with just Wind 1 for a concert,” Duldulao said. “I really wanted to play my music the best I could. I didn’t want all the time of my practice to go to waste.”

Katherine Liu is a sophomore percussionist and she said performing in the concert was a good experience.

“I think it was a good way to spread holiday cheer and improve musicality,” Liu said.

Jennifer Nakamoto is a math teacher, department chair of the math department, and is the band booster president in the Band Boosters Association.

“The band boosters are the ones who greet everybody coming in,” Nakamoto said. “They were selling fundraising stuff outside. We help alleviate costs with the band and orchestra banquet at the end of the year. The boosters are the ones at the concert that were collecting money for the CDs and taking orders if people wanted to order a CD of the Winter Concert.”

Cynthia Reves

“We usually get Christmas music pretty early and once we get it, we start to play it in class altogether right away,” Duldulao said.

Duldulao said one of her favorite songs in the concert, “Pilatus,” had a story.

“It sounded like it came out of a movie,” Duldulao said. “Because it had a story, you were able to connect the story and song together which gave it a better feeling and experience.”

Liu said ‘Pilatus (Mountain of Dragons)’ “because of how intense and cool the song was,” was also her favorite music piece in the concert.

Duldulao said her dad and brother were in the audience.

“It made me feel more confident because I know they always enjoy the music I play,” Duldulao said.

Liu had parents and friends in the audience.

“I was happy knowing they were there to support the concert and program,” Liu said.

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