M Lights Way To Normal Times


By Izabel Bornios

Tiger mascot, Shane Kaneshiro, stares in wonder as the Lighting of the M illuminates the night sky.

Jerome Linear, Assistant Editor - Digital and Copy

It was the first in-person event for sophomores since the pandemic interrupted their freshman year. McKinley High School’s Lighting of the M was held on March 24, a Thursday afternoon. The Lighting of the M has been going on since 1995 and even before that the school lit bonfires. The event had a talent show, a dance show, the lighting of the M, and even a food truck.
“It was really crowded and I was wowed by the way the M lit up on fire, and with the sun going down and everything behind it, it was perfect,” sophomore Aaleynah Rosales said.
The committee made sure to keep everyone safe and content at the event by mandating masks at the event and even providing food services.
“It was a fun experience seeing people gather up and perform and watching it with friends, then at the end getting to see a whole bunch of fire lit up on the M was really cool,” Freshman Esllen Johnston said.
The talent show was held at the tables around the gym and held many contestants that did an array of different voice talents such as singing and rapping. The crowd grew when junior Adonte Willams performed multiple songs from his album “16 – EP.” Students and staff gathered around Williams and shared the same exciting experience that was going on during the performance.
“I thought that this crowd was so small compared to what I plan on performing in front of in the future. I had no nerves and felt comfortable and happy,” Williams said. He plans on performing for even bigger crowds in the future,
Most of the students and staff shared an array of positive emotions and it was a really good experience for sophomores and freshmen considering they never got to see it like this because of the pandemic. Rosales especially liked the ending of the event when they lit the M.
“My first Lighting of the M met my expectations and it was really hype at the end,” Rosales said.