Fears of Starting High School


A freshman confirms with Ignition mentor Len Nguyen where her classes are on the campus. Photo by Shane Kaneshiro

Tiffany Tran, reporter

On Aug. 1, the class of 2026 started their first day of high school with an assembly, activities, and briefly going to their classes. Only freshmen and Ignition mentors were on campus. Nonetheless, there were still some freshmen who were nervous. Freshmen were asked what their first day of high school was like. The freshmen who did not attend the Summer Bridge program, a program that helped 9th graders transition into high school were surprisingly similar to those who did attend the Summer Bridge program.
Freshman Andy Fong went to the Summer Bridge program and said about his first day, “I felt nervous…. High school is a big deal and you have to focus a lot in high school.”
Fong said, “During Summer Bridge, it gave me a little more confidence because I got the chance to see the campus.”
After weeks since the start of high school, he said, “I feel okay but a little nervous because it’s already overwhelming with syllabus handouts from different classes in one day and if it looks like that, I’m going to be overwhelmed throughout the year with homework.”
Freshman Selina Truong did not attend the Summer Bridge program and said about her first day, “On the first day of school, I was excited to learn about my new teachers, classes, classmates, and campus. I didn’t expect to make new friends, but I just wanted to learn my classmates’ names and get familiar with school because I just like talking and making new friends. I’m extroverted.”
Since high school started, she said, “I definitely am much, much more comfortable around my classmates and teachers. Something I’m still nervous about is quizzes and tests, but that’s mostly it.”
Students who went to the Summer Bridge program and those who didn’t were pretty similar. Even students who attended Summer Bridge were still nervous about something.