Seniors Get Ready For Their Last Firsts


By Jerome Linear

The senior class preforming their dance and chant for the competition.

Aubryanna Hale, reporter

This school year, students are finally coming back to a “normal” school schedule after dealing with the pandemic. Hybrid learning, required mask-wearing and social distancing are all things of the past now.
At McKinley High School, seniors are going through their “last firsts” in a normal way since the pandemic hit three years ago. The pandemic has changed the seniors’ high school years. Their whole time at McKinley was almost fully online or heavily restricted. They are just so ready for their last “normal” year.
Senior Ohriyon Cuffie said he is excited to have a full, normal school year. He added a caveat; “if everything goes according to plan.”
This is the seniors’ first actual high school year and many of them are nervous as to what to expect. Cuffie also said he is looking forward to college and everything to come after high school.
Just like Cuffie, many other seniors are also getting ready for the outside world.
Senior Johnny Hale also expresses his excitement about leaving high school and pursuing other opportunities.
“I’m excited because I can live the rest of my life,” he said.
Hale also explained that he is excited about all of the events that will take place this year but he is just ready to branch out into a new experience.
Senior Gleeizah Corpuz said she is going to make the rest of her time here special.
“I’m looking forward to making this the best high school year I’ve experienced, especially because of COVID. I’m excited about homecoming, prom, and all the other McKinley events,” Corpuz said.
Students are trying to make the most out of their final year of being a Tiger while also trying to prepare for whatever comes next in their lives. Corpuz also said she wants to have the most fun that she can have while also being able to graduate with academic honors.
“I’m very excited about graduation. Finally, after twelve years of ups and downs, we’ll be celebrating the class of 2023’s next big step into our lives,” Corpuz said.