Photo Essay – Students Celebrate Homecoming “Normally”

Aubryanna Hale, Cheska Orias, and Juliana Rodden


A junior friend group ready and dressed up for summer Monday.By Shane Kaneshiro 
In the student activities room, a bunch of students are hanging out celebrating Falling for Fall Tuesday: Back from left: juniors Leila Gonzales, adviser Valerie Dao, Keahoha Dinio, Angela Yerten, and Stacy Cabusas. Front row: Michel Libokmeto and Annie Cao. By Shane Kaneshiro 
Winter Wednesday is the hardest to dress for living in Hawaii. But these students have the spirit: senior Nyler Acasio, senior Shayna Jackson, junior Leila Gonzales, senior Sophia Dang, senior Jade Bluestone, and senior Cayenne Dabalos. By Shane Kaneshiro
Vice-principal William McGuire takes part in a game of eating a frosted doughnut with no hands. By Shane Kaneshiro 
The senior class preforming their dance and chant for the competition. By Jerome Linear 
McKinley’s JROTC members light the M. By Cheska Orias 
With the M fully lit, the football team did a chant for the upcoming Homecoming game. A total of 171 towels were used for the M. Juniors won the towel collection contest with 71 towels. By Cheska Orias 
McKinley’s football team sing the school’s Alma Mater before the game.
By Shane Kaneshiro 
Senior cheerleader Taylor Nakashima is lifted into the air to cheer on and McKinley’s football team in their game against Kalani. By Shane Kaneshiro 
Members of the sabre team of JROTC honor the Homecoming king and queen, Nyler Acaiso and Kiana Lovie Hung. By Shane Kaneshiro
McKinley’s band and color guard performs their first halftime show since the 1970s. By Shane Kaneshiro