Make the most of summer

Amanda Muramoto, editor

When school is back in session, the question “How was your summer?” can be heard throughout hallways followed by — “It was boring.” If you find yourself answering the same, you can do things this summer to make it worthwhile.

“It’s an adventure for me in different ways, so many things to come and no way to predict them,” said John Vo (10).

You could help the community. There is volunteer work, such as at the Hawaiian Humane Society or at senior homes. It is a good way to give back to the community and feel proud of yourself. Getting a job is also popular with students, since there’s no school to interfere with work.

According to, “Getting away from the hectic schedule of high school can mean more time to do those things you always wanted, but never had the time.”

For example, if you always wanted to play this new video game, now you have the whole day to enjoy it. Like underclassmen, seniors should spend their summer wisely. If they plan to go to college off-island, they can get together with friends and family and enjoy local spots. For all, summer should be spent with the people you care most about. During the school year, homework and projects seem to take up a lot of your schedule, leaving you with limited friend and family time. Now that you are more available, you should make it a priority to spend time with loved ones, whether it be the best friend you never got to hang out with this school year, or the grandparents who have always cared about you.

There’s many ways to spend your summer vacation. It’s up to you.