Letters to the Editor Issue 4


An issue around school and as well with the community is fighting. Too many fights have occurred already since the beginning of school until even now. Also, people are fighting about stupid stuff. Fights should really be resolved by talking it out because they might realize the reason they’re fighting was a rumor or something silly. I really think fights are pointless because right after the fight, they’re still going to have the same problems they already had. They should have better counseling about about how fighting is pointless and shouldn’t be done. Talking with your parents of what’s happening in school, saying if you should fight or ask for help or even tell your parents to do something about it and getting things resolved with punishments, counseling on telling people to not be afraid about letting someone know about your problems and how you can solve a problem and what to do if you see any bad actions happening or about to happen. These are ways to stop an issue which is fighting around school or the community.

by Joshua Castellano

I enjoyed your article about babysitting. It was cute and gave me an idea of what babysitting would be actually be like. I enjoyed reading the stories of what she went through. It was pretty funny and I can image what my reaction would be like. They would probably drive me crazy. From reading this article, babysitting seems hectic, yet fun.

Sincerely, Kairis Yam

An article that really go my attention was “Education, a privilege taken for granted?” This article got my attention because there are many students who don’t care and say, “Who needs school?”when there are many children around the world, like the 15-year-old in the story who don’t have access to an education. It made me think about bringing up my grades and how lucky I am to have an education instead of being like those Pakistani girls who are fighting for education.

by Esi Amosa

I read your article “Education, a privilege taken for granted?”and it was great. You and your staff members did a really good job. I would like you guys to write more news for education because there are a lot of people who don’t care about education, and some people complain about it. … If you guys write a lot more articles about education, it might help them to understand what education is really about.

Sincerely, Linh Dang

When I read the Pinion, I was interested about the “Computers VS Textbooks”article, because that article’s structure is discussion, and that topic is a big issue in my native country, South Korea, too. And two authors wrote that article. One author’s name is Annie Lien; the other is Anthony Lee. Annie Lien’s plan is about generating a higher learning environment akin to private schools, Annie believes that this will change the way students learn. I like the way the author wrote the article because the format of the article is in a debate form. It represented two opinions and gave me a clearer thought on both sides of the debate. As I said, Annie Lien’s opinion best satisfied me with the thought of having computers at school. I think computers help me more to study because computers have more information, and we can find more data easily. Teachers can teach us organization, and we can study with pictures and graphs so I agree with Annie.

by Seunghun Joo