One-Hundred Percent Worth It


Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

I knew I was in for something really special the moment I heard Rafiki telling the audience to silence their cell phones.

It did not stop there. I was one-hundred percent sure I was in for something special when I saw the costumes. Of course, I have seen them in the commercials, but in person they were absolutely astonishing.

They were unlike anything I have seen before. They were elegant, intuitive and intricate in every way.

Wait, it gets even better. The singing was simply phenomenal. In fact, the singing by the performers was so good that I felt amazed every time they would hit a high note.

Rafiki and the actress who played the role were my favorite parts in the entire musical. Her singing was so emotional and spectacular. I would probably go see the musical again just so I can listen to Rafiki singing.

When it came to the music, I barely noticed it was there. Yes, the music blended so well with the environment and everything that was going on, I did not even notice it. I feel that it was a mark of a truly top-notch orchestra.

Enough of the details though, let us talk about the actual performance. The Lion King Musical is an adaption of the Lion King movie by Disney and follows the same story. Here is the thing though, I liked the Lion King more as a play than a movie. In person, I could feel all the emotions that were expressed in the movie, but it was ten-times intensified. You can really feel the sadness of Mufasa’s death, the feeling of Skar’s betrayal, the love between Simba and Nala, the triumph of Simba, etc..

In the end, the Lion King musical was an extraordinarily exotic and happy experience and if it is ever back in town, consider purchasing a ticket and seeing it with other friends who enjoy Lion King… If you have the money, of course.