Computers now necessity

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

Second Place 2018 Editorial Public School Category Hawaii High School Journalism Awards Contest.

Every student, teacher, and faculty member at McKinley High School are given school emails. We use internet-based services like Infinite Campus and Google Classroom on a daily basis to check or grades and complete school work. School assignments for students range from typed essays, to slide show presentations. It’s becoming a necessity for high school students to have a computer, which is why MHS should have a laptop renting program.

These days, we get assignments that require us to use a computer. Essays for English class, presentation for Social Studies class. We all receive these assignments that require us to use a computer, and some student are limited in ways to complete these assignments, resulting in them not completing it at all.

We hear teachers tell students to use the computer labs or libraries if they don’t have a computer at home. However, with the limited time schedules that computer labs and libraries have, the amount of time to complete assignments is sometimes not enough.

With assignments given to students that requires computer usage, MHS should be providing ways for students to have access to computers, while keeping in mind the amount of time they need to complete an assignment. Which is why MHS should offer a laptop renting program.

Of course, with a program like this, there are some concerns regarding the costs for buying the laptops. The school already own laptops, and these can be used to start off this rental program. Once we need to get more, we could get sponsors to donate or hold a fundraiser.

MHS has been trying to move towards the technological future by supplying classrooms with laptop stations. Nevertheless, students would still be limited in time when trying to finish assignments. Instead of supplying classrooms with the laptops, move it towards letting students rent them out.

Our world is progressing into a world of technology, and with that, our school needs to as well. We can’t prevent technology from being a part of our school.

After high school, graduates will encounter many situations that will require them to use a computer. There are jobs out there that require employees to have basic computer skills which is why high schools have to help their students become more knowledgeable in using computers.

There are also other benefits besides preparing students for the real world. According to a study on fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students, run by Dr. Deborah L. Lowther from University of Memphis. The research found that when the students were given a problem and related answer to consider, students with computers showed higher problem-solving skills compared to the group of students without computers.

Former President Barack Obama has expressed in his remarks to the Miraikan Science and Youth Expo in Japan that there’s no limit to what students can achieve with technology at their fingertips. Remarks that Obama continued to carry with him throughout his term, which gave rise to an elementary school named after him, named Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology.

“The future is now,” as they say. Though there might be challenges in creating a laptop renting program for our school, the benefits that our students can receive from having full-time access to a computer is great. All in the efforts of moving towards the future with technology.