Places to eat and drink this summer

Tiffany Tran, reporter

 As May approaches, it signifies that school is coming to an end and summer vacation is about to begin. By the time the school year is finished, many are exhausted from turning in work last minute or cramming for exams. All they need is a nice relaxing break to release their stress and reset their minds for the upcoming school year.

Summer plans vary throughout everyone whether it’s simple or extravagant. But whatever it is, food is a must-have in my opinion. Here are a list of summer food and drink must-haves.

  • Hot Dogs

If you are searching for a simple and classic meal for maybe a barbeque or potluck, hot dogs are a go-to. Depending on the location, you may receive something different. One of my favorite place is Holy Cow Hot Dog located in the Ala Moana food court. It’s a little kiosk that serves hot dog on a stick with a variety of toppings and fillings. I personally love the Holy Cow with whole mozzarella. It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and salty. Also, the cheese pull is so satisfying and fun. If you want something more classic, there are a ton of other places to check out. I just buy mine from Costco because it’s simple and I barely go out and discover new places. 

  • Pizza

Pizza is another simple food for practically any occasion. If you want the classic pepperoni or cheese pizza, that can practically be found at any pizza place. One of my family’s favorite locations besides those common chains like Pizza Hut is Big Kahuna located on Paiea Street. My family’s favorite is the sumo special, a perfect blend of meat and vegetables. If you’re a vegetarian, they have a vegetarian pizza. It consists of mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and olives. I’m personally not a fan of vegetables, but I bet it tastes just as amazing. My family also enjoys getting their garlic cheese balls. Right when you take a bite, you get the burst of the garlic cheesy flavor. It’s definitely fattening, but as long as you don’t get it often and exercise consistently, you should be fine. While that may sound delicious already, you can’t forget dessert. I personally love their brownie. It’s a dark chocolate brownie layered with chocolate chip cookie dough, and topped with chocolate ganache. It’s three layers of chocolaty goodness. But depending on you’re preferences, it can be on the pricey side.

  • Salads

This is the final food option I will be mentioning because this list could go on forever. With all the fast food, you need a balance of healthiness. Salads are not only healthy, but it’s cool and refreshing for the hot weather. My go-to salad place is Aloha Salad. Because it’s a food chain, there are multiple locations. Personally, my favorite place is the one located in Kahala Mall. No matter where I go, I always order caesar salad. Aloha Salad has amazing caesar salad. They give the perfect ratio of salad and dressing so every bite is just as flavorful as the next. 

Of course with the hot weather and the food you’re consuming, you will need something to drink. While water is the healthiest and simplest option, sometimes you want to quench your sweet tooth. 

  • Smoothies

If you’re looking for a healthy option that can also quench your sweet tooth, smoothies are the way to go. One of my favorite places is Jamba Juice. They have a wide range of smoothies and acai bowls. Although they have a variety, I like to stick to my favorite. I love the orange dream machine made with orange juice, sorbet, soymilk, fat-free vanilla yogurt, etc. It’s basically like a smoothie version of orange sorbet which is delicious by the way. It’s a simple yet delicious way to not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also obtain some vitamin c.

  • Shave Ice

While shave ice is not a drink, it’s practically like a slushie. Shave ice is actually my must-have treat for the summer. One of my favorite places is Jejubing, also located in Ala Moana. They serve the Korean take on shave ice also known as Bingsoo or Bingsu. It’s made with shaved milk ice and sweet toppings red bean or fruits. I’ve only tried the oreo bingsu which is sweet and refreshing. If you love condensed milk, you can order it as a side and it tastes even better. Every bite you take, you get the cool, creamy, deliciousness. They also sell smoothies and injeolmi toast which from my research is toast and pounded rice rolled in soybean powder. But another one of my favorite places is Shimazu Shave Ice located in Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchen and Waiola Shave Ice located in Waiola Street. Shimazu has a wide range of flavors and the size is pretty decent and tastes amazing. Waiola has fewer flavors but tastes just as amazing. 

I would get into treats and snacks, but I could go on forever so I’ll just mention a few of my favorite locations. Starting with pastries, they are a perfect snack wherever you go. My personal favorite locations are J.J. Bakery located on Kapiolani Blvd. and Liliha Bakery. There are many other great places, but we won’t get into that. Then, there is fruits which is always one of the healthiest options for me. Any bite of a fruit is cooling and refreshing which is perfect for the hot weather. You can practically make a fruit salad at home and enjoy it while laying on the couch watching T.V. or out at the beach with friends. 

I hope these ideas have sparked your interest and convinced you to check them out over the summer. I promise you, these places are totally worth it. Anyways, have a great summer everyone and enjoy it to your fullest.