I was able to pull it off


Editors Sean Gleason and Silvana Bautista talk to the student body about The Pinion.

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

With every assembly at McKinley, there is always someone who has the mic speaking to the student body.

For my freshman and sophomore years, I was just a spectator. This year, however, the tables were turned. I was given the responsibility of addressing the student body along with the other editor of The Pinion.

The main point of our presentation was to get students to visit mhspinion.com and follow The Pinion on Twitter so the students can view additional content about events in McKinley and the community.

My initial reaction to receiving the responsibility was excitement. The excitement faded once I started practicing with the mic. My excitement soon turned to fright, doubt and nervousness. Thankfully, I was able to conquer my inner feelings in time.

In the end, when I was up there presenting, I just stayed focused, calm and collected and was able to pull it off.