Local surfer inspires new movie

Amanda Muramoto, editor

If you got attacked by a shark, would you go back in the water? That’s exactly what professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, a local Kauai girl, did. Her strong faith in God and passion to surf is now the basis of a new movie, “Soul Surfer” which opens nationwide April 8.

“Soul Surfer” is about Hamilton’s determination to return to the sport she loves after losing an arm in a shark attack The attack happened when she was 13 years old. In the movie, the attack is portrayed in a heart-pounding, scary, realistic scene.

“When can I surf again?” was the first question she asked after the incident.

The movie shows Hamilton’s real-life struggle to adjust to a whole new life and surfing style, post attack. Along with being a great comeback surfer, Hamilton is also a devoted Christian. She believes to trust God in every situation. Hamilton also goes on mission trips such as the one included the film, where she goes to Thailand and is able to bring the locals back into the water after the tsunami in 2004.

Also in the film are some fictional parts, such as how Hamilton has a surf rival named Malina. However, Hamilton said she likes how they add to the story.

In the movie, AnnaSophia Robb, who plays Hamilton, had to use a green sleeve to make it appear as if she had no arm. After the attack scene, when she returns to the water, it is mostly Hamilton who did the stunts, becoming her own “stuntman.”

As for the surfing, many scenes were shot in Tahiti and some on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Hamilton hopes that her message to keep up what you believe in will be grasped by moviegoers.

“Push through hard times and make the right decisions in everything,” she said.

“Soul Surfer” will make you smile, laugh, and cry in the whole hour and 45 minutes.

Hamilton’s message can be strongly felt in the film and will leave everyone feeling inspired.

It is a film definitely worth watching.