Students help raise money in charity run

Annie Lien, reporter

McKinley students and teachers took their time out on April 19 to run in support of children battling cancer. The charity run was called €œHeroes for a Miracle.€ The main objective was to run two laps around the school until students or teachers reached the finish line adorned with balloons. McKinley cheerleaders stood by the finish line to cheer on those who were participating in the run, encouraging many people to run faster. Chanelle Ulep (11) said that it is not often that the school holds these types of events so it was very special. She said, “€œI ran three miles for once, I actually ran it.”€ Although during the run, it was “€œagonizing, because it was hot,”€ said Mary Mae Garay (11). The run was called €Heroes for a Miracle€ because it gives children fighting cancer someone they can look up to. “€œI like the idea of superheroes,”€ said Ulep, “€œIt’€™s nice knowing students take their time out to do this.”€ There were Marvel super hero symbols posted around the school and colorful flags surrounding the path that runners had to go through. Students like Winny Chen (11) and Garay participated in the run because they wanted to help children in need. Garay said she wanted to find a way to contribute to the hospital and “€œI wanted to see how long I could last.”€ Ulep said, “€œIt’€™s not something common. It’€™s for a good cause, why not do it?” She also said that it is something for the students and the community so it is a win win. After finishing the run, students received their t-shirts and grabbed refreshments. Garay said, “€œIt felt so good to feel accomplished. It made me feel like I want to run another one to see how long I could last next time.” Chen felt proud that she ran because she got to help others. When students were done with the run, there were game booths for them to enjoy, such as a slip ‘n sliding, rock climbing, and sumo wrestling. Later, the winners of the the run were announced in front of McKinley’s administration building. David Cabatangan won first place for the boys team with a record of 22 minutes and 44 seconds while Danielle Heider, one of McKinley’s English teachers, won first place for the girls team with a record of 22 minutes and 30 seconds. The run was a success because of the people who participated and those who organized it. Hopefully more students will participate more in upcoming events.