Tigers take Bulldogs 35-0

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

The McKinley Tigers took on the Kaimuki Bulldogs Saturday.

The first quarter started off with a bang with a fumble by Kaimuki picked up by McKinley, followed by a pass of thirty one yards to score McKinley’s first touchdown of the game. The first quarter ended 7-0 in McKinley’s favor.

In the second quarter, despite McKinley’s first offensive possession being forced to punt, they responded later in the quarter with an interception to turn the tide.  McKinley’s lead was furthered with a touchdown to finalize the game into halftime 14-0 in McKinley’s favor.

To start off the third quarter, the Bulldogs made a surprise interception to quickly rotate the offensive possession. However, McKinley’s defense held strong and firm, and Kaimuki was forced to punt. With the ball in McKinley’s hands, another touchdown was scored, sky rocketing the lead 21-0 in McKinley’s favor.

The action didn’t stop there though, McKinley’s defense kept things exciting with two consecutive sacks and forcing a punt on Kaimuki’s second possession. If the third quarter wasn’t already active, McKinley’s third offensive possession pulled off yet another touchdown to finish the quarter at 28-0 in McKinley’s favor.

Finally, in the fourth quarter, Kaimuki’s first offensive possession ended with a fumble picked up by McKinley. McKinley then proceeded to score yet another touchdown bringing their already enormous lead to 35-0 in favor of McKinley. From there the game ended with one last sack on Kaimuki. The final score was 35-0, a win for McKinley