Varsity Tigers lose to Governors 25-13

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

On Saturday, the McKinley Tigers took on the Farrington Governors.

The game started off at a slow place with both teams failing to successfully drive and constantly being forced to punt. The first quarter ended 0-0

The second quarter began with again both teams punting their first offensive possessions. Things start to heat up as Farrington ended McKinley’s second offensive possession via an interception followed by a touchdown. McKinley responded with a kickoff return that set them up their third offensive possession close to the end zone. Despite a penalty preventing the first touchdown attempt, McKinley was still able to drive it home to tie the score and end the quarter 7-7.

The third quarter quarter didn’t bode well for McKinley. Farrington’s first offensive possession led to a touchdown, putting them in the lead 13-7. As the quarter progressed, McKinley’s offensive possessions were forced to punt while Farrington was able to score another touchdown and having to punt only once.

With the score at 19-7 and Farrington approaching the end zone for another touchdown, McKinley’s defense put up a strong and sturdy resistance. McKinley was able to successfully hold the line and along with penalties, Farrington was not able to score a touchdown and the quarter ended 19-7 in favor of Farrington.

The fourth quarter started off slowly with Farrington’s last possession forced to a field goal, but to no avail and the following offensive possessions by both teams were forced to punt. Farrington broke the trend, however, and ended their second offensive possession with a touchdown 25-7 in favor of Farrington.

Despite McKinley’s offensive possession being forced to punt, the Tigers responded by intercepting the ball quickly to end Farrington’s third offensive possession. McKinley then scored a touchdown 25-13 but still in favor of Farrington.

In the kickoff return to Farrington, a fumble was picked up by McKinley to stop Farrington’s fourth offensive possession from even starting. Sadly, as the game progressed, McKinley’s Kani Kuhia, a wide receiver, suffered a popped shoulder which put the game on an extended pause and resulted in the EMS arriving to take care of the injured Tiger.

The offensive possession that McKinley held prior to the injury didn’t come to fruition and the game ended 25-13 in favor of Farrington.