Less muscle, more concentration


Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Two years ago, Motomasa (Kyle) Mitsui made the decision to start running. Today he is the fastest runner of McKinley’s JV Cross Country team.

Kyle Mitsui was born on December 31,1997, on Oahu. He came to Mckinley High School following in the footsteps of his oldest brother and joined the Cross Country team simply because he likes to run and Cross Country sure does have a whole lot of it. Kyle isn’t the only Mitsui in Mckinley however. Hidemasa (Vincent) Mitsui, the middle brother in the Mitsui family and an experienced runner, also attends McKinley and is a part of the Cross Country team. Kyle thinks having his brother along side him in his trek through Cross Country is “nice” and that his brother can be there for him if he needs some advice.

Despite only have been running for 2 years, Mitsui knows a thing or two about running. To Mitsui, it’s all about your mentality as a runner. If there was a tip he could give to begining runners, he’d tell them the mind set you have is very important, and it isn’t always all about your stamina or speed. When it comes to Cross Country, this concept is definitely stressed. In Cross Country, the competitions consist of a three-mile race between a multitude of schools all at once. With the amount of people you are racing against, even the strongest of nerves can be aggravated. You have to “push yourself a lot” and “you have to run to the end, all the way to the end,” emphasized Mitsui. In conclusion, when it comes down to if he’ll continue to run in the future, Mitsui happily and confidentally replied, “Of course.”