McKinley’s softball field blessed in

Sean Gleason and photography class

As the sky cleared and the sun shone down, members of the McKinley’s softball team, students from Leilani Okuda’s team sports class, Principal Ron Okamura, Athletic Director Bob Morikuni and news organizations gathered for the blessing of McKinley’s softball field. First, Morikuni shared a few words.

He said recent Hall of Honor inductee and former Athletic Director Neal Takamori was the one who gave the vision for the field. Morikuni thanked the Department of Education for funding it and ended by saying that he was excited to open this beautiful facility.

Next, Pastor Eli said a few words before he began the blessing. Pastor Eli said that McKinley was chosen among all schools to get a softball field and that it was an honor and responsibility.

In his prayer, he said that he hopes students will carry on the legacy and gifts of MHS. He added that people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson represent McKinley wherever they go and that everyone should always remember their past. Pastor Eli’s prayer was in Hawaiian.

Morikuni thanked everyone for coming and he along, with Okamura and Okuda, threw the first pitches to break in the softball field.