Boys varsity basketball makes states

Nyler Acasio

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

The boys varsity basketball team made a statement this year. This season, the Tigers hard work paid off and the team finished second in the D2 OIA playoffs and fourth in states.

According to Head Coach Duane Omori, the team’s long term goals for this season were to make playoffs and states. This season the team made it to the OIA DII playoffs and earned their spot in the championship game against Roosevelt on February 12. In the highly competitive game, the Tigers fell two points short, but managed to quickly get their motivation back for states.

“[The Roosevelt game] was a big game for us and I felt the coaches prepared us well. When we fell short two points, my heart sank,” senior Noah Omori said. “The team was devastated… Returning back to practice, we felt unmotivated, but coach reminded us that we had a bigger opportunity awaiting us.”

Every team faces adversity during the season, and the Tigers were no different. However, as the season went along the team learned how to play better as a team.

“We were relatively inexperienced,” Coach Omori said. “As the season went along they started to learn about each other and their roles and how to magnify their teammates strengths and help them with their challenges.”

Senior Frank Camacho has played on varsity for three years. According to Camacho, the difference between this season is the team’s effort and experience.

“Last year was different because we did not have as much experience as we have now. We also lacked internal motivation… We needed people to step up,” Camacho said. “[This season] we all developed a competitive spirit that made us better as a team and individuals.”

The Tigers proved this season that they belong on the court and that their competitors should not take them lightly.

“I am so grateful and beyond proud of this team and what we have become,” Camacho said. “I learned that basketball is not just about the talent, [but] love, bond, trust and the dedication for the game in order for us to win. It’s more than just basketball.”