Tips for beginning journalists

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Journalism is a tough industry. I’m Sean Gleason, renowned award winning co-editor of The Pinion, here to give beginning journalists tips to be almost as successful as I am.

It all starts with the story idea. Having a solid story idea makes things much easier for you and makes your writing more professional. Thinking of a solid story idea is the majority of the work and once you’ve done that, you’re pretty much in the clear. Take the the time to really think about and commit to a topic and pour all your passion into it. Having trouble getting a story? Well, I’ve got just the solution for you!

The internet is a fount of story ideas just waiting to be discovered. Social media, like Twitter and Facebook for example, can help you find out what’s trending, can help you get feedback quickly or keep in contact with sources. Social media can be such an asset to you, just remember to actually work instead of play games or chat with your friends.

After you’ve found your story idea, it’s time to get to the best and easiest part of journalism… reporting! If you’re nervous about reporting, try practicing in front of a mirror or have a good friend rate you. One thing to remember when reporting is to have something to take notes with. A notepad is what’s recommended to take notes with, but a smart device can function as one as well. Just make sure your device is charged and ready to go. Remember to introduce who you represent and that they know that what they say could be used. Finally, ask open-ended questions for the highest quality interviews!

As long as you remember to use these tips, you’ll be almost as successful and renowned as me, Sean Gleason, co-editor of The Pinion.