Procrastination is not good at all

Lin Song, Web Co-Editor

I once wrote an article about procrastination.

Ironically, I have found that my procrastination symptoms have become more and more serious since then.

In that article, I wrote that procrastination exists because of the natural laziness of human beings. It is not a bad thing if it can be controlled.

Now I realize that continuing to procrastinate can eat up my motivation. It may even enlarge the negative elements of my attitude towards life. It is like sleeping pills which can comfort you temporarily. However, the inner problems are not cured and as you develop the bad habit and rely on drugs, everything becomes worse.

Delay in journalism has a domino effect. Reporting, writing, editing and page designing cannot be started if the former one has not been finished. This quarter, my motivation was mostly eaten up by my bad habits. Facing the busy schedule, I wanted to escape and finally did nothing to solve the problems.

It was hard for me to start to do my newswriting work, too. Luckily, I just finished my prom story and page layout design today. Picking up the passion about work makes me feel refreshed. After going through some incidents, I am glad that I finally realize how horrible procrastination can be when it is out of control.

So my suggestion is do not let your laziness or desire go out of control. Having a good time balance is critical for both journalism and life.