Mixed Media Madness: Sketchbooks


By PNGAll.com

Kelly Cheng, reporter

Let’s just say, not every page in my sketchbook is neat, fancy, or perfect. I either have the best linearts or hideous faces and non-proportional anatomy drawn everywhere. It’s safe to say that many princesses and fairies in my old sketchbooks could use a redraw.

As I slowly watched every printer paper disappear, I knew I needed something else to scribble on. In fact, I felt guilty that I crumpled and threw away a lot of paper.  In middle school, I bought many sketchbooks. Sometimes, I know that even if I own a cheap sketchbook that’s half-used, I will still buy a new sketchbook, just in case. Although, this cycle repeats itself.

Now expensive sketchbooks are another story, they are one of my top precious items. I’d love to show all my friends these drawings. Sadly, I would never want to lose or ruin my sketchbook. This sketchbook holds the best art I’ve done other than actual sketches.

I feel grateful that I can actually try an expensive toned tan sketchbook, but that doesn’t mean I should not put effort on any other types of cheap paper out there. Besides, whether artists use folder paper, printer, or expensive paper, I believe we can all create amazing works of art.