Plant nursery focuses on vocational skills

Peiru Lu, reporter

The plant nursery is a place where students with special needs learn vocational skills through gardening.

Linda Maeda-Lee, MHS special education teacher, said, “The plant nursery is a place for my students to propagate and learn how to grow plants for sale.”

€In July 2005, Maeda-Lee received the land and decided to make their own plant nursery to teach students vocational skills. Students work in the plant nursery from 8:30 am to 10:30 am approximately six times a month. The students learn to grow plants by gathering new cuttings or seeds, transplanting them into bigger pots, and fertilizing, weeding, and watering the plants.

She said the plant nursery helps the students “to understand that everything can grow and to learn procedures and follow teachers’€™ directions in a set way.”

€ After working in the plant nursery, these students will know how to grow plants and how to cook the vegetables they have grown and harvested. People in school are welcome to purchase items, and can call 1040 (school phone only) or go to P6 to schedule a time to visit during lunch recesses or after school.

Other community members, call the MHS main office to contact Maeda-Lee for an appointment or sign up in the MHS main office to help.