Law society coaches students

SIlvana Bautista, Keisha Togores, and Lin Song

Binders are put away, suits are back on their hangers, the law society mock trial team is done with their competitions.

However, this does not mean that the team will stop preparing for next year’s competitions. This year was focused on a criminal case so next year will likely be focused on a civil case. Civil cases are different from criminal cases because of the burden of proof needed. Civil cases require a lesser burden. Plaintiffs only need preponderance of evidence which is much less than the prosecution’s requirement to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Law Society is currently recruiting new members. So far, Mac Bautista and Jacob Bee have already joined. Davin Chon, an experienced member, has been in charge of teaching the new members. Chon is teaching Bautista and Bee the basics of the competitions and the different roles required by the competitions.

Bautista and Bee have also been taught by Silvana Bautista and Emily Phan. Bautista and Phan have helped Chon in explaining the difference between direct questioning and cross questioning, as well as the importance of delivering an opening statement and a closing argument.

Bautista and Bee read and performed a dry run with one of last competition’s witnesses. Bautista has tried being the witness, while Bee has tried being a lawyer and a witness.

Phan is happy to have new members. She hopes that the team will grow and improve by the time of next year’s competition.

Phan shares why she joined the team.

“I joined Law Society through a close friend of mine. She was talking about how to do works and how they took part in competitions   work in a real courtroom setting for the lawyers, and I’m really interested in it,” Phan said.