Freshmen transition to high school lifestyle

Kanani Orta, staff reporter

The transition from a middle schooler to a high schooler can be difficult. They have many events to look forward to, and specific goals to achieve in high school.

Each year a lot is expected of the freshmen. Teachers try their best to help prepare their students for college and the future. This year, there is a total of 1,583 students attending McKinley High School. 430 are freshmen, 390 are sophomores, 301 are juniors, 295 are seniors and 167 are special education. Last year, there were 1,570 students attending MHS. 459 were freshmen, 357 were sophomores, 355 were juniors, 244 were seniors and 155 were special education.

According to information provided by the registrar, Osa Tui, two years ago the retention rate for freshmen moving to tenth grade was 15.4%. The retention rate goal is to decrease that number by 5%.

“The freshmen are to study hard, work hard, go to class, and enjoy McKinley,” Principal Ron Okamura said. “No one should fail, I want everyone to advance to the next grade level.”

Students attending MHS have different reasons for coming here.

“I came to McKinley because this school has a good CTE (Career Technical Education),” freshman Tina Huynh said. “Also ever since I came here I’ve had more freedom. If I went to the same high school as my sister then she would’ve been bothering me all day long.”

Other students have similar feelings about high school. They want to get through it without a hitch.

“Obviously high school gives off a more free feeling and there are a lot more people around school,” freshman Hunter Naauao-Ota said. “I’m honestly not expecting anything. I just want to get through high school with no problems.”

Some freshmen also feel that now that they are in high school, people don’t see them as children anymore.

“People have more respect towards us and that’s what we want, to be trusted and treated like adults,” Huynh said.